Just as the city has its best weather in spring and fall, hotels in Seoul tend to have their high season prices during these periods as well.

The warm and wet months of July and August can offer small discounts, but only December through February outside of the holiday period is considered low season for Seoul hotels and hostels. Seoul is truly a massive city, and it has things in nearly every price range available. Bargains can be found in Seoul hotels and hostels, and extreme luxury is also available. Most of the main attractions are well within reach of nearly any budget so at least once you arrive you can see all the major sights without having to go hungry.

Food and drink can also be found to meet nearly any budget, with an abundance of lower-priced options that are generally aimed at the local workforce. Seoul is probably best visited during either spring or fall, since winters can be very cold and a bit snowy, while summers tend to be hot and humid, with especially heavy rainfall during July and August.

May, June, and October offer mild temperatures without much threat of major rainstorms. Hotel seasons Just as the city has its best weather in spring and fall, hotels in Seoul tend to have their high season prices during these periods as well. Featured articles 31 Asia cities by price: Backpacker Index for Cheapest Asian cities to fly into from London and Europe.

For one price you can also visit 3 other nearby palaces. Doing just one route is cheaper. Restaurants are cheaper than bars. Even cheaper at markets.

Have more information or an update? Send us your tips. Weather advice Seoul is probably best visited during either spring or fall, since winters can be very cold and a bit snowy, while summers tend to be hot and humid, with especially heavy rainfall during July and August.

Nearby cities Beijing Shanghai Taipei Tokyo. Sign-up for PriceofTravel's monthly deals and features newsletter. Seoul's royal palace is a major attraction. A huge indoor amusement park in Seoul is popular with locals and tourists. This company runs 3 all-day hop-on, hop-off routes around the city, and each one lasts around 2 hours if you don't get off. Taxi from airport to city center.

Limousine bus from airport to city center. Public bus from airport to city center. If your hotel doesn't include breakfast there are plenty of fast and cheap options. Proper sit-down restaurants range in price greatly, but cheaper ones are there if you look.

Local lagers can be cheap, especially in pitchers or on special deals. This sake-like rice liquor is cheap and extremely popular with locals.Our range of Infant Toy Playsets incorporates ranges from popular TV shows as well as the latest movie releases which will entertain your child.

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Welcome to MyToy.S oju is the Korean spirit of choice for the most part, but whisky is increasing in popularity. We asked editor Ahrim Won and her team at Time Out Seoul to give us their recommendations for whisky lovers on the hunt in the Land of the Morning Calm. Keepers in Cheongdam-dong is superb.

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Charles H. Baker once lived. SAHM in Sinsa-dong. You can make an abstract order for a cocktail, and let the bartender surprise you. But we love the food at d. The menu exhibits attention to detail paired with quality cocktails, setting the mood for fine dining. Miyeok seaweed in the winter, dureup shoots in the spring — d. Unfortunately, there are none at the moment. Rivington Social in Seorae Village. The moment you step into this bar, your eyes will dart towards the massive collection of whiskies.

Seoul’s 15 Best bars to drink alone in

The bartender explains the traditions and different recipes about this drink with such vivacity that watching his passion is just as warming as the whisky itself! Additionally, Le Chamber in Cheongdam-dong is great for a speakeasy experience. From their pricing to their service, they strive for the finest; the Diageo World Class award-winning bartenders offer seven-star service. The entrance to their basement is shaped like a bookshelf, and only if you pick the right book will the door open — a classic mystery novel touch in a modern-day setting.

Definitely some of our top 10 things to do in Seoul. Plus, spending time outside at night, at a park or even sat outside a convenience store with some drinks and snacks of your choosing, meeting all of the interesting characters that Seoul accommodates is highly recommended!

Skip to content Skip to main menu Menu. When is World Whisky Day? How can I take part? Reset directions Print directions. What is World Whisky Day?

Vlog - Flying Alone to Seoul, Korea ✈️

Add WWD to your calendar! Whisky knowledge. What is Scotch? What is Bourbon? What is Peated Whisky?Sometimes a Hite and buffalo wings in an Itaewon pub is perfect. Sometimes, only a glass-elevator ride above the buffalo wing-eating hoi polloi will do. The view and the ride up to here are this bar's strongest selling points.

Full listing details here. Woo Bar may be located in a rather obnoxious location, but with its modern interior, good drinks and a killer view, it still is one of the hottest places in town. But on the right night, in the right funky eggshell chair, beside the right giant window with the glittering canvas of Seoul below, it all starts to make sense.

More relevant is the choice of 40 vodkas, wines, 3 a. The Lounge offers modern cuisine, stylish cocktails plus one of the best views of southern Seoul. Beacuse you are. Hoisted up on the 30th floor, the view is a sight to see both during the day and at night.

barschrank u0026quot seoul i u0026quot 369 95

The bar and restaurant offers modern cuisine and cocktails in an aviation-inspired ambiance. Meeting rooms are also available for private gatherings. The menu includes main dishes such as the grilled Canadian lobster and marinated Norwegian salmon, as well as desserts like walnut-honey chocolate pound cake and raspberry yogurt mousse.

Whisky Capitals: Seoul

A Lowell Thomas Award recipient from the Society of American Travel Writers, his work on travel and the outdoors has spanned six continents and appeared in over 50 publications. He lives in Los Angeles. Jump to Navigation. Walking on the Cloud The view and the ride up to here are this bar's strongest selling points.

Woo Bar Woo Bar may be located in a rather obnoxious location, but with its modern interior, good drinks and a killer view, it still is one of the hottest places in town. Some content supplied by.

barschrank u0026quot seoul i u0026quot 369 95

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Heads up! Sure, almost everything in Seoul seems group-oriented. But at these places, the zen of drinking alone soon reveals itself.

This bar has not only sectioned tables but also single person grills ready. The meat? Be mindful even if you end up getting drunk. With such awesome playlists, how can we skip the alcohol, right?

barschrank u0026quot seoul i u0026quot 369 95

Alcohol and food menus here are a killer, too. With the dozens of choices for cocktails, it might be a little difficult to pick one, but any of them goes awesomely with the Japanese style meatball on a stick dish which comes with bell pepper and a raw egg. And just so you know, Seonggwangdaedo opened in September, The cover for the event is only 10, won, and it includes one free beer or soft drink. You can find more details on the event and author schedules on its continuously updated blog.

Drinking alone here? And whilst drinking alone, you'll likely to meet an interesting character or 2, who are equally into cocktails and as fashionably old fashioned as you are.

It's not just the name. This interesting bar is indeed a union of 3 different but equally unique bars: Agami which offers well aged sashimi, a pojangmacha style pub Yudeokhwa and bar Mindeulle Dandelion.

As collective as the bar itself is, Turtle Union is usually filled with patrons who came in as a group. But there are great hidden spots for solo drinking here: the cozy corner seats at each of the bars.

Start with some cocktail from Mindeaulle, accompany it with some assorted sashimi from Agami, and if you feel hungry, fill your stomach with the thinly sliced brisket salad from Yudeokhwa.

Solo drinking tip: the moment you step into this place, know that you've already got 3 buddies by your side. What a gem it's been, in the midst of Sinchon. From its name to the character of the bar manager DJ Tiger Disco, there's nothing about this bar that is not unique. The pollack roe rice dish which costs only 5, won is a must try, as well.

In terms of solo drinking, Ingansilgyeokpae qualifies as more than perfect—it not only welcomes those who came in to drink alone but also forbids any group of more than 5 people. Alone, but with the chillest staff who'd let you feel a thing or 2 about life, art and other important things, you might discover the zen of solo drinking. Solo drinking tip: the bar's currently in hiatus, with the plan for a new venue.

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Seoul BBQ Korean Buffet Restaurant, กรุงเทพมหานคร (กทม.)

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Infant Playsets

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Always be aware that the difference between those records often comes down to one or two great or terrible plays in each game, a bad refereeing decision or just old-fashioned good or bad luck. In any season there will be a couple of exceptional teams and a couple of completely hopeless ones.

The rest will be separated by very fine margins. Teams play only 16 regular season games. Compare that with Premier League football at 38, or Major League Baseball at 162.We liked the Hurtigruten and were so happy when we got to see the Northern lights on the deck on the second night.

We even enjoyed the bus and train rides because the scenery was so beautiful. The guides in Kiruna were especially nice and helped us locate a piece of luggage we lost while we were on a tour so we could make our train on time afterward. Amazing trip, from airport pick-up to drop-off. Alexandra was amazingly helpful.

Your country is wonderful. Just wish we had seen the Lights. It was a pleasure to deal with Cecilia Markov. The overall trip experience for us (Two couples) was memorable. The ferry trip to Flam, the stay and dinner at Fretheim Hotel were outstanding. The Flam railway train ride was sensational and so was the train journey back to Oslo.

We found the people in Norway, friendly and helpful. The whole country is beautiful. The city of Oslo was a delight to explore. We would gladly come back again for a holiday in Norway. Thank you for your hospitality. The travel guide was far more informative then anything we had bought for ourselves ahead of time. The welcome package was excellent and highlighting our route on the map was a great idea. Overall services provided went above and beyond our expectations.

Kristin did a great job in keeping us informed as we drove around Island. Specifically when the bridge was washed out at Vik - she called us immediately and recommended a detour.

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