Carbomer is the trade name for polyacrylic acid PAAa group of synthetic high molecular weight polymers of acrylic acid used in cosmetics and personal care products as thickening agents.

They are primarily added to gel-like formulations, such as facial moisturizerssunscreen, shampoo, anti-aging treatments, cleansers, and scrubs, to help control the viscosity, flow, and consistency of the product. The Carbomer polymers have been used in cosmetics for over 50 years. An article from Cosmetics Info explains that the Carbomers are large molecules prepared from relatively small chemical compounds called monomes.

The monomers used to make Carbomer polymers are acrylic acid and polyalkenyl polyethers. All of the Carbomer polymers are chemically similar, differing from each other in molecular weight and viscosity. Dry Carbomer polymers come in the form of white, fluffy powders.

You may notice a number associated with the Carbomer name on the ingredient label. This is the Carbomer code. Carbomer codes i. The Carbomer polymers can have varying pH levels that must be neutralized in order for them to function as thickening agents.

Formulations that contain Carbomer polymers will sometimes have these neutralizing agents listed. Other times, companies will purchase pre-neutralized Carbomer, which may or may not list the neutralizing agent. There are claims that some of these neutralizing agents may carry contaminants that can be potentially carcinogenic.

An ingredient that is similar to the Carbomers is sodium polyacrylate, a sodium salt of polyacrylic acid. This ingredient is also used as a thickening agent and texture enhancer is cosmetics and personal care products since it is a superabsorbent polymer with the ability to absorb as much as to times its mass in water.

To understand the functions of Carbomers, it is important to first understand how they work. When a Carbomer polymer is placed in a water solution at neutral pH, many of the side chains will lose their protons and acquire a negative charge. Because of this reaction, Carbomers are able to absorb and retain water, and swell to many times their original volume. This is why Carbomers are considered to be texture enhancers and are used to add thickness to products, particularly gel-like formulations.

Additionally, Carbomers have the ability to distribute or suspend an insoluble solid in a liquid. Thus, Carbomers are used to keep emulsions from separating into their oil and liquid components, as well as to control the consistency of cosmetics and other personal care products. By adding Carbomers to things like shampoos, conditioners, creams, and lotions, formulations will appear more rich, smooth, and creamy.

Varying the amount of Carbomer used in a product allows the manufacturer to create anything from a stiff hair gel that will stay exactly where you put it, a lotion with body but which still flows easily, or a rich cream that holds it shape. According to skin care expert Paula Begoun, high amounts of carbomers in a gel may result in the product rolling or balling up of cosmetic products on skin, but this phenomenon depends on other formulary steps taken to minimize this effect.

Carbomers will not make the skin tacky, dry, or tight. In addition to use in personal care products, Carbomer polymers have a wide variety of commercial and industrial uses.There are many gelling agents.

Though each gelling agent has some unique properties, there are some generalizations that can be made:. As a group, they are dry powders, which have high bulk densities and form acidic aqueous solutions pH around 3.

They thicken at higher pHs around 5 or 6. They will also swell in aqueous solution of that pH to as much as times their original volume. Their solutions range in viscosity from 0 to 80, centipoise cps. Some examples of this group of gelling agents are:.

Carbomer polymers are best introduced into water by slowly sprinkling a sieved powder into the vortex created by rapid stirring. This should prevent clumping. Once all of the powder has been added, the stirring speed should be reduced to decrease the possibility of entrapping air bubbles in the formulation. As mentioned, when the carbomer is dispersed, the solution will have a low pH. A neutralizer is added to increase the pH and cause the dispersion to thicken and gel.

Some neutralizing agents are sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and triethanolamine. If inorganic bases are used to neutralize the solution, a stable water soluble gel is formed. If triethanolamine is used, the gel can tolerate high alcohol concentrations. The viscosity of the gel can be further manipulated by propylene glycol and glycerin to increase viscosity or by adding electrolytes to decrease viscosity. The cellulose derivatives methylcellulose, hydroxyethyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, and carboxymethyl cellulose are commonly used.

There are some commonalties in these compounds, and each one has their unique properties. The Pharmaceutics and Compounding Laboratory. Common Gelling Agents There are many gelling agents. Though each gelling agent has some unique properties, there are some generalizations that can be made: If the gelling agent is added to the dispersing medium in a haphazard manner, there is a tendency for the agent to "clump. The clumps will ultimately hydrate, but it will take more time.

A much more efficient manner is to sieve the agents onto the surface of the medium a little at a time as the medium is stirred.

Carbopol 940

Using glycerin as a wetting agent will sometimes minimize clump formation. Some gelling agents are more soluble in cold water than in hot water.Product list Traditional high-efficient rheology modifier carbomer Efficient rheology modifier for home care Traditional Long-flow Property Carbomer Improved type - easy to disperse Carbomer Improved type -self-wetting carbomer Improved type Carbomer Liquid Carbomer Pharmaceutical grade carbomer Home care carbomer High carlity traditional carbomer Benzen free carbomer Homopolymer of Vinylpyrrolidone.

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It is capable of providing high viscosity, excellent thickening and suspending performance with low-dosage. Its short flow non-drip properties are ideal for applications such as clear gels, hydroalcoholic gels, creams. When neutralized by alkali it forms sparkling clear water or hydroalcoholic gels and creams.

Related tags : Benzen free carbomer carbomer suppliers carbomer carbomer carbopol It has short flow property and offers excellent thickening for opaque gels, creams, lotions and suspensions. Related tags : carbomer in cosmetics carbomer toxicity carbomer caromer suppliers carbopol suppliers carbomer p Carbopol Hot tags Polyacrylic acid carbomer Carbopol Poly acrylic acid Carbopol Acrylate Crosspolymer carbomer lumecare carbomer carbomer supplier carbomer All Rights Reserved.Poly acrylic acid PAA ; trade name Carbomer is a synthetic high- molecular weight polymer of acrylic acid.

They may be homopolymers of acrylic acid, or crosslinked with an allyl ether of pentaerythritolallyl ether of sucroseor allyl ether of propylene.

In a water solution at neutral pHPAA is an anionic polymeri. This makes PAAs polyelectrolyteswith the ability to absorb and retain water and swell to many times their original volume. Dry PAAs are sold as white, fluffy powders that are frequently used as gels in cosmetic and personal care products.

Their role in cosmetics is to suspend solid in liquids, prevent emulsions from separating and control the consistency in flow of cosmetics. Carbomer codes, and P are an indication of molecular weight and the specific components of the polymer. For many applications PAAs are used in form of alkali metal or ammonium salts, e. In the dry powder form, the positively charged sodium ions are bound to the polyacrylate, however in aqueous solutions the sodium ions can dissociate.

Instead of an organized polymer chain, this leads to a swollen gel that can absorb a high amount of water. Polyacrylic acid is a weak anionic polyelectrolyte, whose degree of ionisation is dependent on solution pH.

Carbopol® 940 NF Polymer

In its non-ionised form at low pHs, PAA may associate with various non-ionic polymers such as polyethylene oxide, poly-N-vinyl pyrrolidone, polyacrylamide, and some cellulose ethers and form hydrogen-bonded interpolymer complexes [2] In aqueous solutions PAA can also form polycomplexes with oppositely charged polymers for example, chitosansurfactants, and drug molecules for example, streptomycin.

Polyacrylic acid and its derivatives are used in disposable diapers[4] ion exchange resins, adhesives and detergents. Detergents are often copolymers of acrylic acid that can be used in both zeolites and phosphates in washing powder formulations. They are also popular as thickeningdispersingsuspendingand emulsifying agents in pharmaceuticalscosmeticsand paints.

Cross-linked polyacrylic acid has also been used in the processing of household products, including floor cleaners. Acrylic acid is also the main component of Superadsorbent Polymers SAPscross-linked polyacrylates that can absorb and retain more than times of their own weight in liquid. PAA films can be deposited on orthopaedic implants to protect them from corrosion.

Crosslinked hydrogels of AA and gelatin have also been used as medical glue, which has a high bonding strength. For the development of polymeric matrices which allows controlled delivery rate of active substances, the recent investigations aimed towards the clarification of the conformational changes of the polymeric gel during neutralization, light irradiation, and embedment of gold nanoparticles.

Free radical polymerization is still the most common industrial for production of polymers. For the free radical polymerization of acrylic acid, most commonly thermochemical initiators such as potassium persulfate and AIBN are used. The polymerization can take several hours to complete but can be accelerated by drastically increasing the temperature and pressure.

PAA is widely used in dispersants and since the molecular weight has a significant impact on the rheological properties and dispersion capacity, it is crucial to have control over the molecular weight distribution. RAFT polymerization was used to obtain PAA with a defined molecular weight, leading to improved dispersion properties. Block copolymers of PAA have been prepared that are responsive to pH and temperature stimuli, demonstrating the possibility to be used for drug delivery purposes.

One reported approach was with surface-initiated ATRP of tert-butyl acrylate that was subsequently deprotected through pyrolysis to form the carboxylic acid. These PAA brushes can form chelate complex with silver and can therefore exhibit antibacterial activity.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the exotic molecules expanded by insertion of two-carbon units, see carbo-mer. CAS Number. Chemical formula. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics. The Macrogalleria.

carbomer 940

Polymer Science Learning Center. Retrieved In organic chemistrya carbo -mer often carbo-mer or carbomer is an expanded molecule obtained by insertion of C 2 units into a given molecule. The size of the carbo -mer continues to increase when more C 2 units are inserted, so carbo -mers are also called carbo n -moleculeswhere "n" is the number of acetylene or allene groups in an n-expansion unit.

Two distinct expansions of benzene can be called carbo -benzene C 18 H 6 :.

carbomer 940

An analog of this molecule, with the hydrogen atoms replaced by phenyl groups, 3,6,9,12,15,hexaphenyl-1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11,13,14,16,dodecadehydro[18]annulene, is stable. The final step in its organic synthesis is reaction of the triol with stannous chloride and hydrochloric acid in diethyl ether :.

With both core and periphery expanded, the total carbo -mer of benzene C 30 H 6 only exists in silico computer simulation. Calculations predict a planar D 6h structure with bond lengths similar to the other two carbobenzenes.

carbomer 940

Its non-planar isomer is called "hexaethynyl-carbo-[6]trannulene" - a pun on the all- cis annulenes - and resembles a cyclohexane ring. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Carbomer 940 / Carbopol 940 Polymer Free Flowing Powder – Cosmetic Grade

This article is about the exotic expanded molecules. For the commercial water-absorbing polymers, see Carbomer. Armstrong, Roland Boese, K. Peter C. Angewandte Chemie International. Categories : Alkyne derivatives. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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This product is acrylic bonded allyl sucrose or pentaerythritol allyl ether polymer. Carbopol is used for topical formulations and suitable for preparation of gels, creams and coupling agent. Good price Carbopol wholesaler. Widely Used Surfactant Carbopol Carbomer Raw materials price carbopol for shampoo acrypol carbomer. Low price Carbomer with CAS Pharma and Cosmetic Grade Carbomer JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Carbomers are thickening agents that help control the viscosity and flow of cosmetic products. They also help distribute and suspend insoluble solids into liquid, and prevent the oil and liquid parts of a solution from separating. They have the ability to absorb and retain water, and can swell up to times their original volume when dispersed in water.

Generally, this class of ingredients is used in gel-like formulations because it forms a colloidal, mucilage-like consistency when mixed in water. These numbers simply represent the specific molecular weight and compositions of the polymer.

This ingredient is contained in a wide range of personal care products such as styling gel, facial moisturizer, sunscreen, shampoo, anti-aging treatment, eye cream, cleanser and scrubs.

The come in the form of white, fluffy powders. Functions: Carbomers are thickening agents that help control the viscosity and flow of cosmetic products. Recommended Products with Carbomer:.

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