Here are 10 horror story prompts that should give you the chills, and get you writing something scary. If you are unaware of being one of the undead, seek medical attention immediately. We are looking for submissions to our horror story contest!!!!

Submit your creepy story here. I was driving a ford pick up I thought it was pm when I looked out the window and saw that I was in a tundra.

My thought was another dimension like out of a horror movie. I took out my phone and called my mom and dad and said goodbye because the things tipped my truck over on its top. When I tried to climb out then I saw it, it was 8ft tall and had brown fur and teeth of a saber tooth tiger it was bipedal.

She slowly closed her book, slipped on her shoes and tip-toed to csi bucksaw kitchen, as she pushed open the door, her eyes are meet with her dog growling at the open door which had a person standing there looking in. Alexia, which is Rosaline makes a soft clicking sound with her tongue to the roof of her mouth, then her dog jumps at the glass door.

She looks at the door and the person is gone. She quickly opened the pdf417 api door and brought the other door too. Quickly snapping them locked then raced upstairs and shutting all the blinds. Her voice could be heard miles away as she screamed. It runs towards her now, she quickly grabs the knife beside her bed and shadows behind the door. She keeps looking at the crack of the door, between the door and the door frame and the other side of the door.

gothic story ideas

The third time she looks at the crack she lets out a blood curtailing scream. In the crack is the blood-stained face. She crashes the door shut, but the thing pounds on it, after a few seconds it stops, then a blade is dragged against the door.

After what feels like hours when it was only minutes, it stopped scratching on the door and banging. She unlocks the door and opens it imperceptibly, only to be met with the face right in front of her.

It stumbles back, gulping before screeching as it falls back down the stairs. She walks down the stairs once it stops moving. She wipes its face and takes all the makeup off and taking off the prosthetics. Her knees buckle and her arms go weak as she looks down at her friend; Brandi Simpson. Rosaline starts to cry and tries to stop the bleeding.

Alexia, which is Rosaline makes a soft clicking sound with her tongue to the roof of her mouth, then her dog attacks the glass door. Quickly locking it then running upstairs and shutting all the blinds. Her voice could be heard miles away as she screams. It runs towards her now, she quickly grabs the knife beside her bed and hides behind the door. She keeps looking at the crack of the door between the door and the door frame and the other side of the door.

She slams the door, but the thing bangs on it, after a few seconds it stops, then a blade is drug against the door. My name is Lucy Pevensie. I am twenty five years old. I work at the big company in the central city. I live alone here.The Animaniacs had the wheel of morality. And now you can have the wheel of Gothic fiction short story ideas! Seriously, though, while studying for my MA in Liberal Arts, I was lucky enough to take a great class in Gothic fiction and learn about its roots and its basic elements.

How To Begin Writing A Horror Story

The Castle of Otranto is what started it all. But Walpole took those things and changed them, starting a new genre, the Gothic genre.

Lovecraft, among others. At the height of its popularity, poets such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Christina Rossetti wrote famous Gothic poems. There are at least six basic elements to keep in mind when writing Gothic short stories. Any of them can be a great starting point. It is its own character altogether. Need to find a creepy setting? Check out some of the truly excellent images on Urban Exploration Resources or any other urban exploration sites.

I never saw a man in so wretched a condition. Remember to write what you know—anyone who has annoyed you lately can be great fodder for putting in danger. This may be a ghost or some other type of mystical creature or even a darkened room.

What was that noise that woke you up in the middle of the night? What else could it be? But when did she cease to be sane? Or was she never sane to begin with?

Work with that insanity. Love the insanity. Learn about the insanity. Or just go pick up a textbook from the local used book store. Something in there will inspire you.I've been an online writer for over five years. I enjoy sharing writing ideas with those who have a taste for horror and scary stories. I'm allowing people to see some of my horror story ideas in the hopes of motivating myself into developing some of my own story writing.

The reasoning behind this is a little embarrassing, but since it bears on me deciding to write this article, here are some broad strokes of this tale:. The creative bug didn't bite me until I was an adult. As I found myself reading good stories, watching good movies, and looking at great art, I discovered that I longed to create such things on my own. I wanted to say that my job was to create. I quickly began to accumulate ideas, and since I loved the horror genre, a lot of them leaned towards the darker side of things.

I began forming horror story ideas everywhere and thoroughly enjoyed jotting down plots of frightening tales. This went on for years, and despite accumulating so many ideas, I still don't have any concrete creations yet.

Hopefully, this article will help inspire me to start fleshing these plots out and put them out into the universe. Personal anecdote aside, let's get to the meat on the bones, shall we? Here are 27 scary story ideas for you to hopefully develop or at least be inspired by! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

gothic story ideas

I was watching a movie at 11pm it was cold and windy outside just then when I was gonna Go up to my room to get ready for bed I heard her friend screaming and coughing upstairs I shut off the tv ran to the kitchen and got the biggest knife and ran upstairs to see what happened as soon I got to their room Her best friend was sitting in the middle of the floor crying the walls were scratched and there was blood dripping out from his mouth let me in was written on the walls in blood What happened Jaclyn are you okay!?

What happened? Where is Juliana my daughter where is she!? Some one is taking over her body! Trying to hold back tears because I always promised to protect Juliana and Jaclyn always felt like a brother to her as I was choking back tears I said please tell me he tried to tell me but kept on coughing up blood I helped him out and when he was done he told me what happened this is how it went.

Or speak! Some were crying she screamed in horror as she saw me coughing and wheezing when she came over I looked back up her eyes went back to normal I stopped coughing up blood every thing went blurry I got dizzy Then everything went black I woke up in the middle of the black top Everyone was gone except Juliana she was right beside me sobbing telling me to wake up her cold hand on my shoulder I called her name she looked down and hugged me so tight I am so sorry what happened to me?

I lie in bed, listening to the roar of thunder rattling my room. The storm is bad tonight. The howling wind is repeatedly slamming my shutters open and closed. At this rate, the storm will never stop. I shut my eyes hoping I'll be able to block out the sounds and fall asleep, but I jolt them open as strikes of fear shoot up and down my spine.

I'm afraid of the dark. As my eyes are adjusting to the dark, I realize that I am no longer lying in my bed I'm standing. But this doesn't make sense! How did I get here? I look around and spot my bed on the other side of the room. I start fumbling through my dimly-lit room to try and find the light switch. As my hand drags across the wall, it bumps into something.

The TV. Oh thank god. My TV is right next to the light switch. So once I get it turned on, I can calm down a little bit. I feel around the wall and start getting worried when I can't find it.Masterpiece Generator refers to a set of text generator tools created by Aardgo.

20 Ghost Romance Plot Ideas & Writing Prompts

The tools are designed to be cool and entertain, but also help aspiring writers create a range of different media, including plots, lyrics for songs, poems, letters and names. Some generated content parodies existing styles and artists, whilst others are based on original structures.

Our first generator, Song Lyrics Generator was launched in as a student magazine project. After it proved popular, we expanded to include plots, and the project grew from there. We're proud to see work we've helped you create pop up on blogs and in fun projects. We enjoy watching you read your creations on YouTube. We're currently developing a cool app based on our site. Masterpiece Generator. Plot Generator Inspiration for your next novel, film or short story Tweet. Looking for story ideas?

We'll help you quickly draft a plot. Or, if you'd prefer, sit back and let us write a short movie script or story for you. Our aim is to inspire you to write your own stories, using common genres and themes. We'll help you set the scene then build characters, describe them, name them, and work out how they fit together in an interesting story.

We draft a compelling blurb to get you started. Quotes About Plot Generator "This is the best thing to exist ever. A little silly.

It tried a few variations and got some very quirky results. It might be good for a little inspiration, as a writing exercise, or if you're bored. We got a completely zany storyline that included robots poking each other. Contact: writer plot-generator.A combination of things has led me to write this latest list of Free Creative Writing Prompts.

I experienced a lot of negativity this past weekend at work and home and it has been pretty difficult to weather. Most of the prompts on this site have dealt with life: past, present, and future. We want to put pen to paper about the horror and joy that can come out of a downright strange situation. These circumstances combined with our ability to infuse the stories with as much reality as possible, can result in some truly powerful work.

Happy and weird writing! You wake up to find yourself in your five-year-old body and back in time. How do you spend your first 24 hours in this situation? As you are walking down the street, you hear loud sirens. Before you can figure out the reason, you see a giant flash of light and you pass out. You wake up in a giant pile of rubble. What has happened and where do you go from here? You go to work the morning after a long night of drinking. Describe your action steps to determine what happened.

You answer your doorbell and you are surprised to see your grandfather standing in the doorway. You have died. You are in hell. You are in heaven. You get a phone call from a strange number. The voice on the other line says he can reunite you with a lost love, forever. In return, he will take the life of someone close to you. He proves his power by giving you a full day with your lost love. Describe the day and your decision. How does the planet cope?

After a strange encounter with a homeless person, you find yourself infused with superpowers like Superman. What do you do with your new found abilities? You try a button on your new cell phone and it opens up a channel of communication between you and the Lord. As you flip farther, it details your existence until death. What do you do?

Sample Short Gothic Story

Somehow, you have gained the ability of being irresistible to your preferred gender. The only problem is: you are in a monogamous long-standing relationship. Do you stay in the relationship? Do you cheat? Death gives you a choice between taking your mother or your father.

Who do you choose? Detail the next 24 hours.Gothic short stories can be a fun school writing assignment for students, or something an individual has always wanted to do on his or her own time. Whatever the scenario, writing a Gothic short story calls for some knowledge about the genre.

For instance, a dark tone must be established in order for a tale to be considered Gothic. Gothic stories also typically contain mythical creatures or controversial and mysterious plots that test human morals. Once you familiarise yourself with the genre, you can come up with ideas for your short story. Create a Gothic short story about a mythical creature your protagonist, and other characters in the story, fear. One of the most popular examples of this type of story is Bram Stoker's "Dracula.

Use your imagination, or do some research about historic folk tales that involve scary beasts. Develop a plot for your short story that involves a protagonist who defends others from the mythical creature. Or, if you want to really be edgy, have your protagonist be killed off at the end, after saving a village from the dark and evil creature.

Romance is a common theme in Gothic fiction, so find a way to weave it into your short story. Remember, the difference between a Gothic romance story and a traditional romance story is romance in a Gothic story usually occurs between two people, or creatures, who are not supposed to love one another.

This "taboo" type of romance is what makes it fall into the Gothic genre. You can accomplish romance scenes into your short story without having to be graphic, in case you are writing this short story for a school assignment.

Find descriptive words and creative ways to describe a scene between lovers without making readers blush. Find a way to turn a historic moment in time into a Gothic story. You can take real events in history, such as a war, and add Gothic elements by giving humans special powers or making them immortal.

If you go this route, make sure to do research about the particular historical moment so you can capture an accurate description of the events. Even though you are writing a fictional piece, it is still important to keep certain historical things correct.

gothic story ideas

Set your Gothic short story in the future. Create a world that takes place many years from now and invent characters that have supernatural powers, such as flying, becoming invisible or turning into shadows. Keep the dark undertone and make sure your characters face issues that cause disorder or distress, which are traits of the Gothic genre. Kyra Sheahan has been a writer for various publications since Sheahan holds an M.

More Articles What are the conventions of the gothic horror genre? Unicorn stories for children 10 Historical lies that Hollywood made us all believe. Written by: Kyra Sheahan Written on: February 04, About the Author.A woman is searching desperately for her man who got abducted. She runs into a long abandoned castle, she looks inside and she looks everywhere for him Or was really everywhere? She got so furious at herself and maybe even her deity-- if she has one-- so she slammed her fists on a wall and started screaming at the top of her lungs She's very obsessed and clingy.

Her thoughts are almost always about him. And BAM! And either these things happen:. She encounters a monster. I think it would be better if it were a monster you created yourself, or maybe a demon. Maybe it could be an experiment gone wrong? And the scientist's bones are lying in a corner somewhere in the room. You can decide if she lives or not. The monster is her man that she was looking for, but in order to turn him back into a human, she must sacrifice something of hers.

Like maybe she has to cut her hand off, toes off, etc Whatever you want. You can decide how long she survives after doing so. She finds her man, and they get out safely and live happily ever after. But that's boring, don't you think? She finds him and it appears that they are going to live happily ever after, but once they get outside Perhaps they decide to look at a lake, pond-- for whatever reason-- and they're like, "Aww, I'm so glad I found you.

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Cuddon suggests, the conventions of gothic literature include wild and desolate landscapes, ancient buildings such as ruined monasteries; cathedrals; castles with dungeons, torture chambers, secret doors, and winding stairways; apparitions, phantoms, demons, and necromancers; an atmosphere of brooding gloom; and youthful, handsome heroes and fainting or screaming!

Conventionally, female characters are threatened by powerful or impetuous male figures, and description functions through a metonymy of fear by presenting details designed to evoke horror, disgust, or terror. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Whatever you want to call it. And either these things happen: 1. She fell down the stairs, falls, breaks her neck.

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