Enter a digit Phone Number. Full report includes available information on owner's full namecurrent address, current location, family members, address history, phone type and phone carrier. The only advice that we can give you was to contact the local police department. Like the other comments, I got an email on okcupid from yeahitskey this time asking if I wanted to text with them at this number.

Nearly empty profile, based no where near me though they claim they're from the same town, etc.

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Got an obscene picture sent from this number. Cell phone company said the only thing to do was block the number. Caller said i participted in a online survey for employment. When i told him i did not that i own my own business that im my own boss.

He processed with that he had an amazing job offer for me with the xhance to advance to a supervisor. I asked him if he understood what being your own boss ment. He then again said.

Phone numbers in Du Bois, PA from 814-591

Yes you can advance to a boss, I was like dude i am the boss. Then i hung up. When you call them the say they want to come to your house and talk to you about the neighborhood.

Basically it is a guy that sells water filter systems. The totally scam you. Don't reply back to them. I was given this number to call and chat. I haven't done it yet, but I am just checking it out.Kerr rose to prominence inas one of the Victoria's Secret Angels. Kerr was the first Australian Victoria's Secret model and also represented the Australian department store chain David Jones.

Kerr has launched her own brand of organic skincare products, KORA Organicsand has written a self-help book. Kerr began modelling in the fashion industry when she was 13, winning the Dolly magazine model search competition.

SinceKerr has consistently ranked on the Forbes list of highest earning models. Kerr was previously married to English actor Orlando Bloomwith whom she had her first son. Her mother was 17 years old when she gave birth. Kerr is of English ancestry, with smaller amounts of Scottish and French. She describes her early life in the Australian countryside as "very grounding You could just be you.

Her family moved to BrisbaneQueenslandto allow Kerr and her brother to experience city life. Kerr was initially reluctant to leave her childhood hometown, but her first boyfriend, called Christopher Middlebrook, died in a car accident when they were teenagers and she said it was too painful to stay there. Kerr studied nutrition and health psychology before pursuing modelling.

She was flown to Sydney a week before her 14th birthday to shoot for the magazine. Upon Kerr's win, local media expressed "concerned outrage" at her young age. The controversy raised concerns about the glorification of young girls within the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries.

Some media outlets claimed her Dolly shoot including images of a year-old Kerr in bathing suits constituted a form of paedophilia. Of the press, Kerr said: "In the media at the time they were trying to cling on to anything remotely to do with paedophilia.

Dolly is a magazine for teenage girls, not for old men. And I was fully clothed! Doing a winter shoot!

myranda sol powered by fettuccialandia italia

They just made something out of nothing. Kerr signed to Chic Management's Sydney division c.Ser Loras Tyrell was a popular tourney knight and was regarded as one of the most skilled knights in Westeros. He was the heir to Highgardenas well as being the younger brother of Margaery Tyrellwho would later become Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. He also had a long-term romantic relationship with Renly Baratheon and was devastated when Renly was murdered ; following this, Loras fought at Blackwater to avenge his death, and helped to win the battle to save King's Landing.

Afterwards, he stayed in the city to support his sister in the new alliance between the Tyrells and House Lannister.

myranda sol powered by fettuccialandia italia

However, following the Faith Militant's subsequent takeover in the capital, he was arrested and sent to prison. Informed that his only hope of getting out was to confess and give up his inheritance, he forcibly abdicated his titles and became known as Brother Loras. However, he died only a few minutes later, along with his father and sister when the Great Sept of Baelor was destroyed in a plot orchestrated by Cersei Lannister. Loras was raised in privilege in the family seat and regional capital of Highgarden.

Loras is the heir to Highgarden and the Tyrell lands and titles, [1] and this status, along with his skills and good looks, makes him possibly the most sought-after bachelor in all of Westeros.

Loras is a skilled knight famed for his many tournament victories and his good looks, which make him popular with the smallfolk and with young women in particular. Loras is one of the few knights who has on rare occasion managed to defeat the formidable Jaime Lannister in a joust. Loras is the former squire of Lord Renly Baratheon and remains Renly's lover. When the series begins Loras is in King's Landing primarily to compete in tourneys and attend court. When Catelyn Stark arrives in King's Landing with news of the attempt on Bran 's life by the man with a knifeLittlefinger identifies it as his own knife which he lost to Tyrion Lannister on a bet that Loras would defeat Jaime Lannister in a joust which is why Catelyn takes Tyrion prisoner.

He charms the common people by giving a rose to Sansa Starkbut at the same time, he also exchanges a look with his lover, Renly Baratheon.

Loras uses a mare who is in heat to upset and confuse Gregor's mount, as Gregor is known to favor unruly stallions, making it easier to unseat him. Gregor, furious, decapitates his own horse with a sword, and then attacks Loras. Gregor's brother, Sandorintervenes and saves Loras's life.

Even though there is supposed to be one more round with Loras jousting against the Hound to determine a tournament winner, Loras proclaims Sandor the champion, to the approval of the crowds. When Loras raises Sandor's arm declaring him the winner, Sandor looks somewhat lost, as he is not used to the adoration and approval of the public that Ser Loras takes for granted. Loras shaves Renly's chest in his chamber.

Renly comments about how much Loras's armor must have cost his father. They discuss the succession and Loras suggests that Renly should claim the Iron Throne himself should anything happen to King Robert. Renly points out that he is fourth in line to the throne, behind his nephews Joffrey and Tommen and his brother Stannis. Loras dismisses them, saying that Joffrey is a monster, Tommen is too young and Stannis has all the charisma of a lobster. Loras suggests that the common people would support Renly, who is more widely known and popular.

Loras suggests that his family would support and finance Renly's claim. After Robert Baratheon is wounded and is expected not to live, Renly approaches Eddard Stark offering men so they can seize Joffrey before Cersei can consolidate her power, but Eddard chooses not to act while Robert still lives.

The next day, he learns that Renly and Loras have fled the city with their loyal retainers, and were last seen riding south. Renly declares himself King of Westeros with the support of House Tyrell. He gathers an army of overmen from across the Reach and the Stormlands. He camps his army near Storm's End and throws a tournament for his men. Renly and his new Queen watch from a wooden dais. Margaery stands and cheers Loras as he disarms his opponent.

His rival manages to step under a swing of his great axe and knock him off his feet. Loras yields when his opponent lifts his visor and holds a knife close to his face.

myranda sol powered by fettuccialandia italia

Renly congratulates the combatants as they stand and calls the winner forward. He commands them to stand and remove their helm. The crowd are shocked when the fighter is revealed to be a woman; Brienne of Tarth.Nothing transforms a living room into a spare bedroom like a sleeper sofa can.

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Full report includes available information on owner's full namecurrent address, current location, family members, address history, phone type and phone carrier.

Thanks to this site i know its fake. I have a bike for sale and he was wanted my paypal details and what amount I wanted to sell it for. Grrr this pisses me off. These people from Hudson, Colorado call us everyday and try to defraud us by asking for money. We don't know anyone in Hudson, Colorado. When I called back, it was a prescription card service - telemarketer, I guess. A hispanic lady is going around saying can I speak to mario is he there she doesn't even have his correct number. Plain Disgusting!

Washington called from Megabuck sweepstakes claiming that I won millions of dollars and wanted me to register, meaning send him money for shipping fee. I told him he was a scammer and to stop calling me.

As I was talking to him I thought I heard a goat on the background and I asked him what was the noise on his background and he said it was his beeper So, that meant he was in Jamaica or some other country using a switch from Washington state as a decoy.

This is a total scam. Richmond Merchant Processing Systems offers account merchant, merchant services, credit card merchant, merchant accounts, merchant processing in Richmond, VA. Called and left message. Said he was an attorney, Mr. I don't plan to call back after reading Sally's post! Call Kari at was the only message left after calling constantly. They are a bill collector who doesn't understand the definition of an automatic stay I got a call from with a name of Ferguson, Steven he left no message.

I've gotten 6 different calls today and they never leave a message. And they have called my work again and again. Write "NO" to cancel. Just ring the no. You can delete yourself with the directory by pressing 0.The majority of people who plan to start a business within the next 12 months say the coronavirus influenced their decision. And nearly 9 in 10 plan to host their new business online.

New business owners are more focused on getting funding than their predecessors. New business owners will still have to do things like register their businesses, pay taxes, and run payroll. While seasoned business owners recommend getting help with these tasks, many new entrepreneurs plan to tackle them on their own. And this DIY attitude extends to other tasks as well. Most seasoned business owners recommend investing in expense tracking and invoicing first. Most new business owners agree, but 1 in 4 plans to do these things manually.

Half of current business owners recommend investing in payroll software from the start. The rest plan to run payroll manually or figure it out as they go.

Setting up a payroll system is at the bottom of the priority list for new business owners. Old and new business owners agree that managing expenses, getting paid, and setting the right prices are top priorities. Current business owners prioritized setting up an accounting system at No. But new business owners are more interested in getting funding and setting up payment systems than accounting or payroll.

If you want to start a successful business this year, seasoned business owners say you should outsource these three tasks.

Small business owners say you should outsource these 3 tasks

Many fell into entrepreneurship when their side gig turned full-time. And yet, many new business owners plan to tackle financial tasks manually—without expert help or software. But skimping on financial systems or taking a DIY approach can be an expensive mistake.

These financial systems include things like expense tracking, invoicing, payment systems, and payroll. Your business structure influences how much you pay in taxes, the paperwork you need to file, and your personal liability.

Choosing the wrong structure can result in tax consequences and other complications. And, depending on state restrictions, it may be difficult to change your structure later. There are a handful of business structures to choose from. But there are additional non-standard structures that may be a better fit for your business.

And the rules and requirements for standard structures can vary by state. Seasoned business owners recommend seeking expert advice when it comes to choosing a business structure. The Small Business Administration SBA also recommends consulting with a business counselor, attorney, or accountant before deciding. How you register varies based on your business structure and location. Registering can be as simple as filing your business name with state and local governments.

How you register determines what you can apply for in the future. You may need to register with the federal government. If you conduct business in more than one state, you may need to file in those states.

Phone numbers in Burnsville, NC from 828-284

Seasoned business owners recommend getting expert help in completing this process. Deciding to get expert help is the first step. Finding that help is another story. Fortunately, help is closer than you think. The SBA offers free business counseling and local assistance for small businesses.Myranda was a servant of House Bolton and Ramsay Bolton 's lover. Myranda was a servant of House Bolton of the Dreadfortdaughter of the castle's kennelmaster.

She was one of Ramsay Snow 's bedwarmers and part-time helper in some of his torture sessions. Myranda and Violet enter the torture cellar in which Theon is kept hostage, release and put him on a bed. Then they attempt to seduce him, claiming they have heard the heir to Pyke is "well endowed". Violet claims Myranda was in training to become a septabut her sexual urges kept her from taking the vows. Theon is initially distrustful, but cannot help but grow aroused when Myranda, stripped of her clothes by Violet, straddles him.

Suddenly, they are interrupted by a horn sounded by Ramsay Snow. He taunts Theon and tells him that he has also heard about Theon's manhood, before pulling out a gelding knife. Myranda and Violet then watch with amusement as Theon begs for mercy, while being held to the floor by two men and castrated by Ramsay.

Afterwards, as Theon is still tied to the cross, Ramsay taunts him about being a eunuch. Some time later, Myranda joins Ramsay in hunting another bedwarmer, Tansyof whom she is jealous, through a forest near the Dreadfort.

She enjoys seeing the terrified girl being chased by her master's hounds for a while, but eventually shoots her through the leg with an arrow, and moments later watches her being mauled to death by the dogs. Myranda later engages in violent sex with Ramsay, her moans echoing around the Dreadfort. During this, Yara Greyjoy and a group of ironborn climb over the walls of the Dreadfort to rescue Theon to no avail, as he refuses to leave his captivity, his identity now damaged by Ramsay's manipulation.

Myranda accompanies the rest of House Bolton to their new home, Winterfell. She is present when the Boltons and their household gather at the castle's main yard to greet the newly arrived Sansa and Littlefinger.

She watches with obvious jealousy and anger as Ramsay greets his new betrothed, Sansa. Ramsay disregards Myranda's insecurities, causing Myranda to proclaim that perhaps she will marry too and leave him. This angers Ramsay who violently tells her that she is his and she is not going anywhere unless she continues to bore him with her petty jealousy. He threateningly reminds her what he does to people who bore him, and hearing this Myranda swears never to bore him again.

He forces himself on her and she bites his lip before they have sex. Later, as Sansa wanders around the castle, Myranda approaches her beside the tower where Jaime once pushed Bran from the window. To help Sansa "remember" how things used to be before her family's untimely death, Myranda leads Sansa down to the kennels to reunite her with Theon.

The night of the wedding, Myranda is sent by Ramsay to draw Sansa's bath, an order neither woman is enthusiastic about. As she wrings the black dye out of Sansa's hair, Myranda advises her not to let Ramsay get bored of her, and tells her the fates of Violet, Tansy, and a third girl named Kyra.

Sansa boldly asks if Myranda ever really believed that Ramsay would marry her, which stops the girl dead in her tracks. Sansa coolly declares that she is a Stark and Winterfell is her home: she refuses to be scared and nothing Myranda says will intimidate her.

Silently fuming but unable to retaliate, Myranda asks if she is still needed. Sansa dismisses her. She is later present at Ramsay and Sansa's wedding, again looking on with jealousy as they are married.

During the battle between the Bolton soldiers and the forces of StannisMyranda takes Theon and corners Sansa with a bow and arrow, before she can escape, under the orders of Ramsay to bring her to her bed chamber. After Sansa makes it clear that she is unafraid of death, Myranda admits that Ramsay needs Sansa alive in order to birth an heir to the North, though she still threatens to maim her with her arrow.

Before she can release it, Theon grabs her, making her fire and miss. In the ensuing struggle, Theon ignores Myranda's pleas and throws her off the rampart to her death, enacting a small justice for the death of Tansy. Myranda's body is found and Ramsay pays his respects to her corpse. He remembers how they met when she was only eleven, and that from the very start she never showed fear towards him.

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