You would think that forgetting a 4-digit code is almost impossible, but it actually happens all too often. Considering how much we use smartphones, forgetting your PIN can have a disastrous impact on your life, as you lose all your contact info, videos, photos, and more.

But Find my Mobile comes with a bunch of remote access features too. Because of this, you can use it to access your phone without needing the PIN code. This deletes all personal information but it also gets rid of any profiles and configurations you have made.

Reset Samsung Galaxy J2 Core Android Mobile

The Find my Mobile desktop interface is simple and intuitive. After enabling the service on your phone, you can access the list of accepted operations from the remote options panel, displayed on the right side of the screen. When first turned on, the Find My Mobile service will automatically enable the remote access features, so you can reset the PIN code from a PC or wipe all data from the phone.

When all else fails, a reset can clear your PIN password too. But keep in mind that this action deletes all the data from your phone. You can perform a factory reset by following the next steps:. To avoid unnecessary data wipes, make sure to set up the Find My Mobile service as soon as possible.You can also unlock Samsung Galaxy J2 Core phone when you forgot the password. Reset deletes all your mobile data like photos, apps, and contacts etc. Make sure to backup all your data before the reset.

Make sure to Backup Android Data before Reset if possible. Make sure to Backup Android Data before Reset. Factory Reset from Settings menu. You can erase all Android data remotely with Find my device.

samsung j2 password unlock

You can not recover your data after Hard reset with Find my device. Note: Your Mobile must have an active internet connection and linked your Google account to your device to reset with this option.

You can also Reset Gmail, Facelock, and Gesture lock on normal mode and fastboot mode with Android multi-tools. Your mobile must have an active internet connection to reset with this option. You can reset your Samsung Galaxy J2 Core phone with these codes. Dail these codes Try one by one on your mobile to Hard reset your device. Google security questions or your device company Security questions will help you to reset your phone password without data loss.

Hard Reset or Factory Reset fix the number of device issues. But all data will be deleted after reset. Recovery Mode is an independent, lightweight runtime environment that is included on a separate partition from the main Android Any other OS like Windows and Mac etc operating system on all Android devices. You can boot directly into recovery mode on your device and use it to factory reset Hard Reset your device, delete the cache partition, or apply software updates.

January 12, June 1, Murali M 0 Comments. Page Contents. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Please do not place order for this phone.

We do not unlock phones originally locked to this network. If your phone is locked to this network but you select another network, you are not eligible for a refund as stated in our Terms and Conditions. Thanks for understanding. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy J2 Core

Ensure that your is SIM locked. To do this, insert another network SIM and wait for an unlocking message to be displayed. Be sure that you send us the correct IMEI. The IMEI is a 15 digit number that is unique for each handset. Please provide your current country and operator, NOT the one you intend to use after unlocking. There are certain operators in certain countries that sell phones we can NOT unlock. Check which phones we can unlock.

If you place an incorrect order by not fulfilling the above requirements, we are unable to provide a refund. Whenever UnlockUnit processes an unlocking request, it costs us money, even if the submitted IMEI or network information is inaccurate. Any orders place for these phones are not eligible for a refund. When placing an order on UnlockUnit. Entering the wrong IMEI will result with us generating the wrong unlock code and the code will not work on your mobile phone!

In this case we do NOT refund your purchase, as we already pay our supplier for generating a code. You are fully responsible to make sure that the phone model and network are compatible with and supported by our service. We only support GSM networks. We do not support service providers that use CDMA technology: e. You are responsible for checking the device warranty. Should our service not work with your device, we will issue a full refund provided the following conditions are met:.

The Buyer has followed all the unlocking instructions exactly as stated troubleshooting steps have to be followed as well. The target device is not stolen or blacklisted. The target device has not been unlocked previously. An unlocking procedure using a code has never been attempted on the target device.

There are 3 ways that can make it possible for the generated unlock code to fail unlocking your phone:. If our service fails to unlock the handset, we will contact you to confirm that the information entered when the order was placed was accurate.

If the IMEI number was incorrect, in some cases when possiblewe will ask you for the correct number and reprocess the order. If the information entered at the time the order was placed is correct, we reserve the right to require additional evidence to verify the claim that the unlock procedure did not unlock your device.

You will be required to send us a video recording showing the device in question, along with the IMEI number on the sticker of the device and the IMEI number displayed on the device screen.Many people out there have faced a situation like this, i. Samsung is one of the most used mobile devices, as it has various features and functions. These exotic features and functions of Samsung phones allow users to do a lot of things. However, when you forgot Samsung Galaxy passwordthere arises a major problem.

You may have set a password to your Samsung Smartphone and now you do not remember what the password is.

samsung j2 password unlock

The lock may be set in either a pattern or a PIN code. Many people want an efficient solution for this. They want to know how they can unlock their Samsung mobile device. After unlocking their Samsung phone, they can access their phone data as well as get back all the information they want from their mobile device. Furthermore, if you unlock your Samsung Smartphone, you can sell it at a much higher price and get more customers for your phone, along with many other similar advantages.

There are two ways to unlock your Samsung mobile device. One is to do it through the factory reset option and the other is to use the 4uKey — Android Unlock Android Lock Screen Removal software. We have covered both the methods in this article so that consumers can decide which one is the best for them. Both these ways can help you to unlock your Samsung phone when you have forgotten the password of your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, whether in the form of pattern or PIN code.

The first solution to your problem is to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy mobile device and unlock your pattern or PIN code password. The factory reset solution includes several simple methods, among which you can choose the one which you feel is the most convenient for you.

A hard reset solution is one of the quickest and effective ways to unlock your Samsung mobile device. If your Samsung phone is really freezing, not responding well, and is slow or you forgot Samsung Galaxy password, then this is the right method for you.

You can also factory reset your Samsung mobile device if you are facing problems in resetting alternatives or accessing your factory data. You can follow any of the below-mentioned methods in order to quickly factory reset your Samsung mobile device. If your Samsung phone is still running on Android 4. The fourth method to unlock your Samsung Smartphone, when you forgot Samsung password, is to factory reset your Samsung mobile device by switching off your phone and then pressing the home button and slowly releasing the power button while pressing the home button of your Samsung Smartphone.

When you see the Android recovery system on the screen of your Samsung mobile device, select the search key. After this, select the factory reset option, then the wipe data option, and then press OK by pressing your power key. Choose the option of yes and then delete all the data on your phone.

This will reboot and thus factory reset your Samsung Smartphone. These are the four methods through which you can factory reset your Samsung mobile device when you forgot the Samsung Galaxy password. However, the factory reset solution is not a reliable method to unlock your Samsung Smartphone, as it damages all your phone data. On the other hand, there is the second solution to unlock your Samsung mobile device, which is using the Tenorshare 4uKey — Android Screen Unlocker software on your phone.

Plus, it is easy and safe to use. The 4uKey — Android Unlock program is an effective and fast unlocking solution for your mobile device. It can easily as well as quickly unlock your Android phone password, whether it is a pattern code or PIN code.

This user-friendly program can be used by a beginner as well as a highly professional person. Plus, 4uKey does not take much memory of your system and runs efficiently. Have a look at some of the features of the 4uKey — Android. Get Tenorshare 4uKey Android. So, if you want to unlock your Samsung Smartphone with the help of 4uKey — Android UnLock software, you can do so by following these steps.Typically this involves unlock codes which are a series of numbers which can be entered into your mobile phone via the phones key pad to remove the network restriction and allow the use of other domestic and foreign networks.

The world's 1 phone unlocking solutions provider sincewith thousands of phones unlocked each day. View all posts by UnlockLocks.

Skip to content. Why unlock my Samsung Galaxy J2? Unlocking steps: Unlocking Samsung Galaxy J2 is a quite simple process.

Enter the unlock code and click Unlock. Congratulations, enjoy your unlocked Samsung Galaxy J2 on all networks, worldwide. All Samsung Galaxy J2 variants are supported for unlocking.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) Fast and Easy

Faq : What are the advantages of unlocking my J2? The biggest advantage of getting your phone unlocked is choice. With your phone unlocked you can swap SIM cards at different times to get the best value of the different tariffs from the providers, you can choose which network and which tariff you want at various times. Mobile phones which are unlocked tend to have a greater second hand value, the value of your handset could be increased.

Why would I want to unlock my J2? There are hundreds of network operators around the globe that lock their phones onto their networks. So we un-lock the SIM locks from the phone so that you can use any network you please.

Unlocking your phone will give you freedom to purchase or use a SIM card from another network in your own country or even worldwide. Unlocking your phone will give you the opportunity to change the SIM card to a local provider when abroad, allowing much cheaper calls.

samsung j2 password unlock

It will also increase the value of your phone if you sell it. How will I know if my J2 is locked? To find out if your phone is locked, simply place a different SIM card in the phone and turn the phone on. How do you unlock my J2? You provide us with easy to find details of your phone e. This information is then used to provide an unlock code to unlock your phone.

You simply follow the instructions we provide, and the phone will be unlocked — easy! What information do I need to give you? This varies depending on the phone. Usually this is enough but this does vary for each handset and solution. Either way we provide you with full easy to follow instructions to unlock your phone. The unlock codes we supply for most handsets will be entered without any SIM card inserted. However, certain handsets do require either an alternative SIM card, or the original SIM card to be inserted in order for the unlock codes to work.

Do I require technical knowledge? None at all, we provide complete and easy instructions for unlocking your phone. If there is a problem unlocking your phone using the codes we provide then we will endeavor to solve the problem to the best of our ability. What do I do with the unlock codes? Once you receive the codes, follow our detailed instructions and enter the codes into your phone by using the phone keypad.Android devices do not have too many problems; but when they do, the fix is usually straightforward.

In the case of Google FRP unlock, from the name, you can deduce what it is all about. After several complaints from people who have been unable to access Samsung J2 after performing a factory reset on their devices, we have provided this guide. This article will treat FRP lock, and FRP unlock, the best methods of carrying them out as well as give solid reasons why we recommend them.

A few years back, if someone stole a phone, all they had to do was perform a factory reset to wipe off all your data, settings, and apps. After this restore, the phone becomes blank, and the thief would then use it as his or her brand new device. However, Android has stepped up its security with factory reset protection that prevents people from resetting a device without entering the login credentials of the Google account linked to the device.

For software with such robust features, LockWiper Android is pretty easy to use; you need no unique gadgets or skills to utilize its operations efficiently completely. Allow you to create or switch to a different Google account after you bypass the FRP on Samsung device. Download Now. Just follow the instructions step by step:. Step 2: Click Start to begin. Make sure you connect your device to the computer using a reliable USB cable. Step 3: The software detects your device automatically.

If the name generated is wrong, you can correct it. When the correct details are displayed, click Next to proceed. Step 4: Following the onscreen instruction, put your device in Recovery mode and click Next. Select the right information about your device.

Pattern Remove in Emergency Mode without Data loss New trick 2019 -- how to unlock andriod mobile

Click on the relevant device, select the country and carrier, then click Download to begin downloading a firmware package. Step 5: When the download completes, click Start to Extract to unpack the downloaded firmware. Step 6: Now, put your device in Downloading mode by following the onscreen instructions. Step 7: Enter "" to confirm, and the data package will get installed into your device. Step 9: Reset your device and put it into downloading mode again to download the firmware package.

Step After the installation completes, click Start to Extract to unzip the firmware. Step Following the extraction, this software begins to remove the Google lock from the device. Just follow the easy steps below to do this. Click Privacy Policy at the button of the screen.

Google Chrome will open. The Samsung J2 is a nice, budget device with fantastic specs that can pass for flagships of some other manufacturers. This amazing device can also get you locked out if you want to perform a factory reset but do not know the Google login credentials of the associated account.

Unlock Samsung device screen lock without losing any data. Remove Android locks in any scenarios, support all Android devices and OS versions. It is straightforward to use and needs no specific technical skills.Still, many people want to do it. There are many reasons why you might want to unlock your phone. Once you unlock your phone, you can put any SIM card in it and use the services of the carrier you got the card from. Another good reason to do this is roaming.

Perhaps the main reason why people unlock their phones is the resale value. Once you unlock your phone, you have a better chance of selling it. After all, rather than being tied to your current carrier, the new owner can use the phone with any carrier they want. So if you plan on selling your phone, it might be a good idea to think about unlocking it.

To do this, however, you must meet certain requirements. There are many online unlocking services available on the market, but they all require you to pay. They all work in a similar way. When you do, simply restart the phone with another SIM card installed and type in the code to unlock your phone.

If you want to unlock your phone, there are several ways to do it. Sure, it will cost you some money, but all the benefits will be worth it.

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