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I will be taking any requests that I really like from there and posting them here so I have a nice collection of them and of the ones I like the most here. Thank you guys for understanding and I hope I can see some of my more loyal followers here comment and interact with me on my Tumblr blog! Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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tetsutetsu x reader jealous

Your email address will not be published. Name: Email: Comment characters left.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Just like the title implies! Please read the author's note for more details. Basically, I take requests for xReader or Reader-insert one-shots. Comment your idea or request on the author's note, please. I'm posting the exact same stuff on both Quotev and AO3, so keep that in mind!

If you haven't checked out my Quotev account, then you're missing out! It's AlphonseElric. All of them are sfw! A collection of 31 days of kinks with some of the BNHA boys and some girls and a female reader.

Chapter one is the calendar and everything else will follow after that. I'm a little late to the party but I wanted to contribute and practice writing before graduation and with Season 4 coming out.

In a wild, uncivilized world of Hybrids, you are an Omega just trying to survive. But things become complicated when you join a pack made up of only Alphas. Taishiro couldn't stand to see you in another man's arms, but you had been his friend for so long. How could he tell you how he feels now? You were nervous about your first at-home date with your Pro-hero boyfriend, Fatgum. Turns out, he was more nervous than you. Steamie looked up and was greeted by lemon color eyes that held utter kindness.

Requests Temporarily closed And if I missed a character, please let me know, I'll immediately add them. Hopefully I'm up for this challenge.

Years had gone by, and she is now a retired hero, and decided to make a living for herself, and younger brother.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Boku no Hero Academia Imagine — Nsfw tetsutetsu scenario where his s/o teased him...

Remember Me. He didn't seem to think so, but even though, that message failed to be delivered to others. A face full of already dark freckles, viridian curls that looked fluffy and soft to the touch.

But what most surprised her, was his eyes Midoriya started a groupchat. He ended up having more in common than he wished with a group inside his class, and a plan unfolds during all of the shenanigans that happen. It is a wet, unsettling night when Red Riot first steps into your life. A villain, and from all you have heard a violent mad man. And yet you can't help falling in love - at least that is what it feels like to you.

tetsutetsu x reader jealous

Red Riot however seems to have entirely different plans. As quickly as he had entered your life he is gone again, leaving you with nothing but questions.

tetsutetsu x reader jealous

Bakugou can sing! Bakugou can play the guitar! Bakugou is in a band! Bakugou is soft! Bakugou has friends! Wait no, that's not what I meant, I meant friends outside of school What happens when Class 2-A learns that Bakugou has another friend group outside of UA, that just happens to be famous and is staying at UA for 3 months?

Read as relationships are developed deeper as friends, romantic feelings surfaces, jealousy is errupted, and Bakugou being cuddly! Kirishima's brows were slightly furrowed, lips downturned the tiniest bit, and he couldn've sworn he saw a flash of a bitter look in his eyes as he glanced at them.

At him, more specifically. Another thing he forgot to mention to Drooly, Hairs for Brains was the kind that got jealous pretty easily. He peers around the corner to see Izuku… and Todoroki.

Just sitting in the kitchen and talking. He should move, he thinks, either go fully into the kitchen or leave.


Bakugou Katsuki was once a vibrant student who had a passion for training to become the number one hero. Who would want to waste time helping the devil of a student; when they can be admiring Deku?

Todoroki on the other hand likes to help people, even people like Bakugou although he hates him.When he was happy, you knew he was happy. When he was sad, it was plainly obvious he was sad.

When he was jealous. Your boyfriend was fiercely territorial over you, especially when it came to his friend Kirishima.

Requests Closed — Jealous Alpha! Bakugou x Omega! Reader

Their quirks were almost identical and he had a deep, apprehensive fear of losing you to the redhead. Keep reading. At first, you had been a rather good student. Clever enough and almost shy! You had never even dared to pass a note in class. Although, that might have more to do with your lack of friends than obedience. But as you never received any encouragement to be anything but good you did what was always required. Instead, you would put your head down and work hard.

Always coming out with the best answers and results in the class.

tetsutetsu x reader jealous

He had appeared like a bright sun to you but a dismal cloud to Rei and the other teachers. He turned their world upside down, his eyes had noticed the shy you for what you truly were. A rebel yearning for the bravery to show it. He had dropped himself down beside her.

Quite literally offered her his hand in friendship. From that moment on, whenever something was then thrown. Or the school handbell was missing its clapper. They knew where to look. You and Tetsutetsu both sat with matching secretive grins. Never ratting on each other but never letting one go with punishment without the other. No one ever understood why someone as bright as you would want to be friends with Tetsutetsu.

But when it came to planning pranks… Tetsutetsu actually showed signs of being a mastermind. Today had been one of their worse moments and yet there was no evidence that it was them.

You may think this is funny but because of you two, three teachers are at the hospital! Most of the others are not going to be able to teach for the rest of the day. It had all been so easy and your baking skills that your father ingrained into you, had finally been of some use.

Friday was cake day in the staff room. They had begun dropping in first class. As it turned out only the greedy ones would be actually affected. The dosage in a normal-sized slice of cake was a bit over what would be seen prescribed to someone. So it would only put them out of action for a couple of days. The ones that had to get carted off to the hospital would be fine!

But it was obvious that they were the ones who had eaten an extra slice. Even the cake was made in the utmost secrecy at the dead of night! Then it was snuck in its tin onto the back step. Tetsutetsu had picked it up and cycled it to the school to hide behind the gardening sheds. He would drop it off early that morning and get it into the school later when there was no one around.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. They need to get to a new motel to avoid suspicion. Of course, walking a few blocks becomes more of a challenge when they run into someone people they could have avoided talking to.

Nothing wrong with wanting to jump the bones of the the hot voice on the other end of the radio even if you don't know anything else about the guy, right?

Look, the mysterious DJ is obviously smoking hot okay and Katsuki's just a man, sue him. No matter that the mysterious DJ in question goes by the same name Katsuki once gave his annoying childhood friend.

Or the one in which, the Bakusquad are broke college students, Mina, Eijirou, and Denki are failing all their classes, Hanta is enjoying the sounds of anguish, and Katsuki may just be falling for a stranger on another frequency. After years of being treated like animals in a hellish orphanage, Denki and his brothers finally had a chance to live. A strange man with a terrifying black mask appeared in front of them one day, and made an offer impossible to reject. Now they're at UA, training to be heroes, the new face of Justice.

The symbol of peace in the world. For first time in their lives, they could feel. They could have friends, they had the chance to work to be better that yesterday! They could fall in love. Sadly, everybody knows that the story of a traitor never has a happy ending. A story principally focusing Class B, filled with epic battles, friendship, romance, fluff and angst, new villains and storylines to compliment the incredible world of My Hero Academia.

As the two bicker in the background, Ashido starts to explain things. This date will cheer the both of them up! If we all work together then we can help them be happy again! Kirishima Eijirou is tired of feeling like his husband no longer loves him. No longer finds him attractive. Cheat on Katsuki with a stranger. Prince Tetsutetsu is bored of his royal life, and wants to get one adventure in before his coronation as king, and may find his ticket to a serious adventure in the form of Dragon Shifter Kirishima.

They trade places, agreeing to meet again and switch back before Tetsutetsu's coronation in two weeks, but nothing goes according to plan, as the trope goes. Confessed feelings, attempted murder, magic, and so much more! Warning: There will be light swearing until we get to the Bakusquad. Then there'll be a lot more swearing. This is script format and very casual.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Smutty one-shots and maybe some two-shots for the men of My Hero Academia. Requests are OPEN: The first chapter is where you write the request, be specific on the character, situation, how you want them to act, any other specifics, etc.

Note: I will write anything and everything your scary little imaginations can come up with to the best of my ability and with all my effort! Requests Temporarily closed And if I missed a character, please let me know, I'll immediately add them.

Hopefully I'm up for this challenge. Dreams can come true with all your favorite boys and girls here in my new shot section! Mainly BNHA but others will be featured. Take your pick!

So I give you a multi chapter soft one. Ever wanted to hang out with Bakugo? Or work out with Kirishima? Study with Deku? Throw a party with 1-A? Or hell, even kiss Todoroki? Stop lying, of course you have. You can do all that and more here, and I'll do most requests, no smut, sorry!

Requests are currently open I won't do any requests I don't want to do, sorry. Latest Chapter: Denki x Reader. Wanna know what it's like to date the boys from BNHA?

Then make sure to bring along your toothbrush, because things are about to get sweet. Containing works of my own and requests I have worked on. I hope you enjoy :. I may not have the characters perfect, but please be respectful in your criticism, creative criticism is appreciated.

After an encounter with a mysterious villain, 6 heroes-in-training end up in your boring, quirkless world. You decide to help them out, even if you don't quite believe their storyI hope you like this Tetsu fic! This is my piece for the bnharem summer collab series!

This was my first time writing for Tetsu so I was a bit nervous. It just makes a world a bit more magical. You guys are awesome!!! High School was considered atypical by most school standards. While most high schools usually had a long summer break for students to enjoy, U.

However, this new condition only applied to their hero departments considering the recent villain attacks that targeted their students, the utilization of dorms, and the increase of special courses scheduled during what would normally be their summer vacation. This change of schedule led to students thoroughly enjoying their much-needed break. Some a bit differently than others. Like Monoma and Awase, most of Class 1-B either went on vacation or back home.

He did go back to his hometown. But he had no plans of relaxation. He enthusiastically greeted many of the townspeople as they went about their morning routine. Tetsutetsu smiled as he felt a wave of nostalgia, recalling training every day in middle school in order to get into the school of his dreams. Like before, he went through his familiar running route through the small town.

During middle school, he would always go for a jog before and after school. Tetsutetsu chuckled as he remembered the number of times he had been scolded for being late or coming home sweaty and dirty. But that never stopped him. No, he was determined to become a hero. He felt his heartbeat and running pace quicken. He needed to amp it up a bit more. The silver-haired male felt a rush of adrenaline as he pumped his legs as fast as he could.

The exhilarating feeling of the wind rushing past his body only spurred him on. Tetsutetsu grinned as he felt his heart pound against his chest. He loved this feeling. He never wanted it to stop. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. For the silver-haired hero-in-training, that would be a solid mass walking in front of his running path and slamming right into him.

He felt great. He felt indestructible. He felt strong. That is until he felt the wind get knocked out of his chest and his forehead slammed on the solid ground beneath him. Tetsutetsu groaned as he cursed at himself for not activating his quirk in time. He felt his head pound as he tried to push himself up. Tetsutetsu paused when he felt how soft the ground felt under his fingertips. Since when did the ground feel so squishy? Tetsutetsu blinked his eyes as he focused on the voice, head still pounding relentlessly.

He felt something push against his chest when his vision finally cleared to reveal a very annoyed face glaring up at him.

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