I am a international student who is in her 11th year in hell- ahem I mean school of course. But I do not have any national awards nor not a president of 80 clubs. I know acceptance rate is pretty low on computer science especially for international students.

Is there any chance for me to get in U of T with a good amount of scholarships? Thank you in advance! I know it is stupid to ask you something like that. Since you are not a admissioner or something like that. But I am just desperate:. So is there anyone you know in U of T who was in the same situation like me? Hi aska! I am currently a grade 12 student hoping to get admission into UoFT for either the engineering or comsci programs. I was wondering if you knew what that application process entailed and if there were any ways we could prepare for the supplementary like some typical questions.

Picking UofT for Computer Science- Did I make the right choice?

Thank you! George after my first year or so. If so, when would I apply for an internal transfer and would I be able to switch my courses from a computer science major to a physics major if I were to take courses similar to someone majoring in physics as a first year? Hi aska. Sorry for my bad English. Or shall I consider non-degree studies in CS? Best, O. I am an adult student so ill be taking most of my courses online and in summer, night and adult school.

So the courses i am planning to take are:. So apart from the obvious english and calculus, do you think the rest of the courses are acceptable?

Plus for calculus…. My stupid mistake was that i was late and dropped it right after the dead line so even though i officially dropped the course and never wrote the exam, the mark still showed up on my transcript.

Do you guys have any idea how Soft will look at that? And is should explain them my situation right? However, I currently have a 1. If not, what the options laid out for me?Sending out that tweet you always thought would do big numbers in the AM rather than PM could be a huge mistake. Many social media sites have built-in solutions for scheduling your posts, and if not, there are often third-party tools, such as HootSuite for Twitter. However, Reddit is one social site where post scheduling can be a bit of an anomaly.

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uoft post reddit

Cronnit allows you to import hundreds of posts on Reddit this way, but do consider the fine print:. All accounts that use this feature are subject to review. If interested in finding the perfect subreddit to make these scheduled, automated posts in, be sure to check out our guide covering advanced searching on Reddit.

Craig is a long-time writer, coder, and marketer with years of experience in the technology and gaming spaces. Sincehe's worked remotely with some of the most notable publications in these industries, specializing in Windows, PC hardware and software, automation, and the like. Read Craig's Full Bio. We hate spam too, unsubscribe at any time.Students angry after U of T prof requires them to follow him on social media for marks.

Several University of Toronto students are frustrated after one professor made it a requirement to purchase his book and follow him on social media in order to receive participation marks. The screengrab of the breakdown, accompanied by the caption "Pinnacle of Participation," indicates that participation marks are worth a total of 10 per cent in the course.

Following him on Twitter and Instagram is also worth an additional 1 per cent of participation marks as well as connecting with him on Linkedin. His website also includes several extremely positive student testimonials. Join the conversation Load comments. The Toronto Zoo needs financial help to feed its animals while on lockdown.

The lineups outside Costco stores in Toronto are ridiculous right now. Anti-Chinese sentiment in Toronto during pandemic shows the worst of humanity.

Picking UofT for Computer Science- Did I make the right choice?

This is how Black Lives Matter is making a difference in Toronto during the pandemic. Toronto company inspires New Zealand printer to make face shields for frontline workers. People in Toronto are not happy about the fact that it's snowing in April. Mira Miller. Posted 3 months ago. Report Inaccuracy. Stay in the loop Sign up for our free email newsletter. Unsubscribe anytime or contact us for details. Students are also required to have the book signed by Huynh for another 1 per cent.

Lead photo by UofT Mississauga. You can unsubscribe anytime or contact us for details. Latest in City.ECs: Fairly strong I think, 5 publications none firstseveral oral presentations and poster presentations, extensive community involvement, leader of several clubs, athletics.

Essays: I spent a good month on the UofT essays and had several people look them over. ECs: Lots of different things, lots of continued activities, leadership roles, etc. Essays: Spent a few weeks on them, answered questions very honestly. Result: Invite. Year: 2nd-year MSc. ECs: pretty diverse and non-traditional! I spent a lot of time working in my campus' Residence program as a Don one year, a life-sci academic support person another etc.

Arts and music throughout as well, with choirs, performing at community shows and such. No research publications. Working now full-time as a PTA in a physio clinic, and part-time elsewhere doing surgical work for eye donations from organ donors.

Essays: I didn't get them looked over which probably wasn't a good idea, but I felt good about them and true to myself. Worked on them for about a month. Basically no research though only 4 months as a research assistant back in Also worked as a liaison officer for my local university, travelling the province to recruit students and conduct presentations. Hospital volunteer hours around 2 yearsRotary club member also about 2 yearsmission trip to Haiti to help in a medical clinic in Numerous university clubs - was part of the mental health awareness club, a club that raised money for the homeless shelter in my hometown, an instructor for student exam review sessions for intro psych courses students offering support clubGolden Key social media chair for my local chapter.

Guest speaker at a few youth leadership events. That's kinda the gist of it. Lots of teaching experience and public speaking. Honestly shocked. Got rejected from western today my dream schoolso I really needed some good news. Third time applying, first cycle with interviews. Keep working hard everyone! Essays: good enough apparently! I had them reviewed by current med students and advisors at my undergrad.

Spent several weeks writing them from the heart and had lots of feedback from others. Edits from a couple of trusted sources to ensure I was hitting the points and using med-appropriate language.

ECs: a few pubs, presentations, some kind of cool employment experiences I think, somewhat of a theme in my activities I would say, no clubs. I think one of my reference letters may have been bad or at least not great. Just throwing that out there in case it helps someone. Essays: I spent a solid week on them and had people proofread them!

ECs: Nothing extravagant, but diverse. Message for more info!Accelerate your journey to the CPA — and get a jump start on your accounting career — in this week summer program designed to deepen your knowledge and skills through the equivalent of four modules in the CPA Professional Education Program PEP. Students with employment offers from an accounting firm before or after starting the GDipPA should inquire with their employer about potential tuition subsidies.

George campus of the University of Toronto, just blocks away from Bay Street. In determining whether a degree from another Canadian university is equivalent, the Admission Committee will review each submitted application individually. Prior to applying, we encourage you to ensure that the courses you have taken meet the requirements for entry into CPA PEP.

Admission to the program is only available to students in their fourth year of undergraduate study or who have graduated within the last year of a degree outlined below or equivalent Canadian degree. Note: We can only provide guidance on admissions to Rotman programs and cannot advise on the need for grades in the future by other graduate programs, professional programs, or employers. Our expectation is that the averages of those admitted into the program will be significantly higher than these minimums.

If students are applying to the program in the fourth year of their undergraduate degree, conditional acceptance to the program is given based on the grades attained for the years leading up to and including the Fall semester of their final year of undergraduate studies.

Select applicants may, on a case by case basis, be invited in for a short admission interview as part of the evaluation process. NOTE: Applications are closed for entry.

To receive program updates and to be notified when applications open for sign up via the link below. Accounting employment secured. Undergraduate University. University of Toronto. Other Canadian Universities. McGill Ryerson St.

uoft post reddit

Francis Xavier Capilano. Simon Fraser Guelph-Humber Ottawa. Students with employment offers from an accounting firm before or after starting the Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting should inquire with their employer about potential tuition subsidies. Some accounting firms will reimburse their employees a portion of the tuition of an accredited graduate diploma program.

How To Schedule a Post On Reddit

Students will complete a structured sequence of the following 5 half courses 2. The entire program will focus on delivering the requirements from the CPA competency map including both the technical and enabling competencies as defined by CPA Canada. Rotman faculty include prominent academics as well as seasoned industry professionals.

uoft post reddit

Students in the program will therefore learn both the practical applications of accounting from industry professionals as well as the current developments in academic research as they apply to numerous hands-on cases taught throughout the curriculum. The entire Rotman faculty are committed to ensuring that accounting education is innovative and meets the changing requirements for the accounting profession.

Being a University of Toronto student carries a great deal of pride. As the top university in Canada, U of T attracts the best and the brightest students from all over the world. Study in the beautiful expanded facility at the Rotman School in the heart of the old campus steps from athletic facilities, libraries and amazing study spaces. Connect with our Recruitment and Admissions Team. More Questions? Visit our FAQ page. Attend an Admissions Event.

Download our Brochure. Learn more about the experiences of our current students and alumni. Rotman School of Management St.

Contact Us Website feedback Accessibility. Main Navigation Menu.Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. Got a question about student life? From program comparisons to admission requirements to residence reviews—get real answers from real Canadian students. Firstly, welcome to UofT. I'm not sure how familiar you are with CS markets nowadays, but the demand for CS students are off the charts. Who says UofT students don't get co-op at Microsoft?

I know plenty of engineering students who worked there for PEY. The difference in Co-op for top students will probably be marginal at either universities. You also have to be quite competent at any university to get co-ops in first year. Personally, my favourite part of UofT is that the degree is extremely flexible. UW kinda gears you towards industry after those 5 years and forces you to work a lot of summers.

It's obviously a good fit for many people, but it's not a program for all. On the other hand, UofT gave me a taste of diverse things and disciplines.

Greetings from the Director

I truly enjoyed first year, and I do not regret my choices. I even got a pretty sweet job here, and I love it. As a bonus, it's downtown. Lots of things to see, and a shorter commute for you. As for the architecture, I'm indifferent about it.

It certainly looks historic though, but I was never a fan of buildings and towers in the first place.

You'll get top co-ops if you're a top student. Difference between universities will generally be marginal, but you can always transfer out if you don't like it. I agree with everything eggopop said. Don't pay attention to the people above who clearly haven't been to either school. I recently had to make a similar decision Uoft vs Waterloobut for engineering.

I think there are many parallels between our tales. One day, I decided to evaluate each school on every aspect that I thought was important. At the end of it, literally the only thing Waterloo had going for it in my opinionwas the coop. In fact, that was the only reason I applied and considered the school when I was accepted.

Here's my impression of UW CS and eng : as eggopop said, they're very industry oriented. This makes sense since this was part of the school's philosophy when it was founded not too long ago.The Dept. Toronto stock exchange TSX is the third largest stock exchange in North America and the eighth largest in the world based on market capitalization.

Toronto, with a population of 5. This year 25 students joined the MFI family to start their journey with us. A number of exciting and important problems at the interface of data science, finance, and insurance require a new breed of professionals. Applications for fall admission are now open! Financial firms are taking exposure to insurance risks, insurance companies are providing guarantees to their clients that fundamentally intertwines them with the financial markets, and pension plans provide income guarantees which profoundly link their obligations to the these markets.

The MFI is a professional program that provides students with a sophisticated understanding of this complex interaction of the financial and insurance fields. The program contains a comprehensive set of offerings and students gain rigorous training in data scienceactuarial science and finance.

Graduates from this program will be well armed to face the highly skilled work required of them in the banking, insurance, pension and consulting industries. Students should have training in multivariable calculus, linear algebra, probability, statistics, and computation.

Additional training in actuarial science, economics and finance will be an asset.

uoft post reddit

The MFI is a three semester program with the first and second semesters containing course work including substantial group projects. During the third semester, students take on an industrial internship. Courses are taught by University of Toronto faculty members as well as industry professionals to benefit from their real-world insights and know-how. We are extremely excited about this new professional program and look forward to watching it grow and to see the careers of its graduates take flight.

If you are top notch student with an interest in data science, actuarial science, and finance, we want to hear from you! University of Toronto Department of Statistical Sciences. Admissions Process Application Documentation Apply. Questions about the MFI Program? Meet the MFI Students! Learn about the important details involved in the admissions process. Find out more about this exciting new program. Get in touch!

George St.

University of Waterloo vs University of Toronto [UNLIMITED WATERLOO WORKS]

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