Woodstock, the most famous music festival in rock 'n' roll history, took place 40 years ago on August To celebrate, here are 40 things you didn't know about it Beatniks, hippies, flower children and rock legends gathered together not in Woodstock, but in the little town of Bethel, rural New York State.

The idea for the festival came from band manager Michael Lang and Artie Kornfeld, a songwriter turned record company executive.

There was no suitable site in Woodstock, so organisers opted for Wallkill, 40 miles away. But residents blocked their plans, so dairy farmer Max Yasgur stepped in to offer his alfalfa field, in the neighbouring hamlet of Bethel.

Melanie Safka remember 'I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates'? But she never made it to Woodstock. Taking the advice of her manager, she chose to guest on the Dick Cavett Show and then watched the festival unfold on TV, tears streaming down her face.

Any decent flower child worth their name was there to protest against the Vietnam war abroad and racial tension at home. With storm clouds approaching, the crowd was urged: 'Let's think hard to get rid of the rain.

Joan Baez famously sang 'We shall overcome' during a full-on thunderstorm. During the downpour there were fears some artists would get electrocuted. Alvin Lee, of Ten Years After, was warned of the risk as it was still raining when his turn came to go on.

Yet it was witnessed by just a fraction of the crowd. Most had gone home by the time Hendrix came on stage, at 9am on a Monday morning. Thirty-two bands were listed to play, but Iron Butterfly got stuck at the airport and didn't make it because the helicopter booked to ferry them to the site didn't arrive.

Organisers were, in fact, worried their hippy heavy-metal music would incite violence. The Jeff Beck Group, featuring Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood, were booked to play, but they split acrimoniously on the eve of their Woodstock appearance. John Lennon told organisers he had wanted to be a part of Woodstock, but he was in Canada and the U.

There were ten million yards of blue jeans and striped T-shirt material at Woodstock. The dove perched on a guitar neck in the famous poster announcing 'Three Days of Peace and Music' is really a catbird, an American perching bird known for its catlike calls. Though Bob Dylan was one of the original inspirations for the festival, and his backing group, The Band, played to the massive audience, the great man never made it, as one of his children was hospitalised over that weekend.

Little flimsy dresses on the girls, acoustic guitars out of tune, the drums damp from the tent, it was like playing off the Forth Bridge to this sea of people cooking beans in the mud.

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Eight women suffered miscarriages, while there are varying reports of babies born. John Sebastian, lead singer with Lovin' Spoonful, announced from the stage: 'Some cat's old lady just had a baby, a kid destined to be far out! The organisers played down the numbers they anticipated, telling the authorities they expected 50, while sellingtickets in advance costing six dollars for each day and planning forIn the endattended. Another million had to turn back because of traffic.

It was originally advertised as 'A Weekend in the Country. As an unknown and unproven business concern, the organisers, Woodstock Ventures, had to pay inflated sums to get the top rockers to sign up. Off-duty police officers were banned from providing security, so a New Mexico commune known as the Hog Farm were hired to form a 'Please Force.

Attempts to get people to pay were abandoned on day one, the fences were torn down and Woodstock was declared a free event. As well as forming the Please Force, The Hog Farm were in charge of catering, ordering in bushels of brown rice, buyingpaper plates, forks, knives and spoons and 30, paper cups. They fed betweenpeople at the Hog Farm Free Kitchen, 5, at a time.The death toll from Woodstock '99 climbed to three over the weekend, when a second concert-goer died from heat-related illness and a year-old woman returning from the massive rock event was struck and killed on the highway.

Weaver of Troy, N. Weaver was pronounced dead on the scene, and neither driver was charged in the incident. David G. Derosia of Waterbury, Conn. Jumbelic said the cause of death was accidental, and that drugs and alcohol were not suspected, though test results are pending.

It was the second concert-related death to be reported. A year-old Hyannis, Mass. Of those treated, eight remain in the hospital, Winter said, although she said she could not detail the injuries. Weaver's death was one of two traffic-related mishaps tied to the concert.

Sunday, a van carrying seven Woodstock attendees rolled over several times on the New York State Thruway miles southeast of Rome, ejecting all seven passengers, two of whom remain in critical condition, according to Sgt.

Jeffrey Krajewski, 17, of Raritan, N. The pair remained in critical condition as of Wednesday afternoon July 28according to hospital spokesperson Lori Skoblicki. The driver of the van, year-old Douglas Vail, of Bridgewater, N.

Bell was treated for a broken arm and lacerations at Benedictine Hospital in Kingston, N. Miller, who suffered head lacerations, received treatment at St. Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie, N. Both were discharged Wednesday morning. Also injured in the accident were Bryan Mutek, 18, of Raritan, N. The charges against Vail could be upgraded from misdemeanors if any passengers die of their injuries, Meier said.A friend recently sent me an email containing a link to a news story about the death of a s musician.

Wonder how many of the original Woodstock performers are dead now? Forty percent? I was mistaken, but still curious about the Woodstock Death Count. I did some Google searches, and came up with nothing. Nobody, it seemed, was keeping a running tally. First it was Deadwoodand now Woodstock. The first day has taken the biggest hit, percentage-wise. Sweetwater alone has three deceased members, and are tied with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band for the most by any band at Woodstock. Thirteen performers from the second day are now dead, the biggest number by far.

However, a whopping fifty-seven people took the stage on Saturday.

Woodstock '99

But all seven members of Sly and the Family Stone are still kicking. And I find that to be fairly amazing, if you want to know the truth. Why is it necessary to have a dozen people in your band? In any case, the death percentage for the final day of Woodstock is probably lower than that of my high school graduating class — even though it included high profile artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Rick Danko.

Nicely done, Day Three! I spent considerable time researching this information, and believe it to be accurate. I will attempt to keep a running tally, as well. So, check the Big Pie Chart of Death often! He was This year two of my favorites passed away. Both were heavily featured in the film and subsequent album that came out. Can you update this? I believe that 5 Woodstock alum died in Judy was born in Streator, Ill.

Kathy Bronner, 70, passed away unexpectedly at her home in Alden, Ill. Kathy grew up on a farm near Cresco, Iowa, the oldest of four children Stephen R. Garrelts, 54, of Spring Grove, Ill. Stephen was born in McHenry, Ill. Joan always said that life on this earth was Boot Camp for what comes next. Well, Joan, you have graduated from Boot Camp at the top of your class.

Born to this earth on Oct.

The Woodstock Death Count

Born to what comes next on March 21, Music has always been a big part of Margie Stumpf, age 47, of Woodstock, Ill. Margie was born on Nov. She married Tom Stumpf on Sept. She was surrounded by loving family while comfortably residing at Valley Ronald E.

Steadman, 85, formerly of Woodstock, passed away on Feb. He was born Sept. He married Carol J.

woodstock deaths

Cashmore Jones on Oct. Ron was a Arthur Erich Koeller, of Delavan, Wis. He was Art was born Oct. He attended St. James Lutheran Grade School and graduated from Shawano Thomas J. Nigbor, age 89, passed away peacefully with his family at his side on Feb. He was born in Whitefish Bay, Wis. After completing his education with help from the G. Bill at University of Wisconsin-Stout, he moved to Illinois to She was born Jan.Drugs and nudity were rampant, food was scarce and traffic was hell. Oh, and there were several deaths and births.

woodstock deaths

Those are some of the myths that have been passed down over the years about the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, which happened 40 years ago this weekend, Aug. Assessing the music of Woodstock is easy, since you can see and hear it any time on the DVD.

But separating myth from reality is less simple. Back when Woodstock happened, no one expected that half a million rock fans would gather in the upstate town of Bethel, N. So rumors about what went on started to fly, and the media was first in line to start them says Howard Loberfeld, who attended at age When Loberfeld and company were forced to cut their festival stay short because of parental concerns, they read the riot act to their parents over the telephone. Joey Reynolds, however, noticed lots of those things.

Reynolds was a year-old Top 40 DJ at the time, and as a veteran of the music scene he broke into radio very young had a keen eye for excess. At the intersection there were people selling pot, acid and hash. Brother, can you spare a burger? How scarce food was depends on who you talk to, whether they thought to bring rations or whether they were lucky enough to be near someone who did.

Although he and his traveling buddies had brought some food for their drive from Maryland, hunger pangs set in almost immediately after he got there. Later on when he was walking toward the stage to get a better look at sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar, he lucked onto some oranges after helping a young boy who was struggling to carry a crate of the fruit to the stage. All involved say the worst part of the festival was the traffic on Route 17 on the way there. It just got worse and worse and bigger and bigger and there were more and more people.

The car in front of us stopped and we stopped when we realized neither one of us could go any further.

woodstock deaths

Tragedy and mystery The crush of traffic indirectly led to one of the deaths at the festival, says Essra Mohawk, a singer-songwriter who attended but did not get to perform. According to Mohawk, who was 21 at the time, after the rainfall, festival-goers had set up their sleeping bags in a muddy parking lot next to some cars.

Someone who slept in the muddy parking lot got run over and killed. That someone was year-old Raymond R. One more death is referenced in the article, and although a name is not given the cause of death is listed as an overdose. According to Bob Matthews, the longtime sound engineer for the Grateful Dead, one of the overlooked aspects of the festival is the fact that the rain could easily have caused more deaths — among the musicians, who were playing electrified instruments that may or may not have been properly grounded.

Several attendees claim to have witnessed births, according to AP, yet no birth records could be located.The festival has become widely regarded as a pivotal moment in popular music history as well as a defining event for the counterculture generation. Music events bearing the Woodstock name have been planned for anniversaries including the tenthtwentiethtwenty-fifththirtiethfortiethand fiftieth. Roberts and Rosenman financed the project. Lang had some experience as a promoter, having co-organized the Miami Pop Festival on the East Coast the prior year, where an estimated 25, people attended the two-day event.

Early inRoberts and Rosenman were New York City entrepreneurs, in the process of building Media Sound, a large audio recording studio complex in Manhattan. Lang and Kornfeld's lawyer, Miles Lourie, who had done legal work on the Media Sound project, suggested that they contact Roberts and Rosenman about financing a similar, but much smaller, studio Kornfeld and Lang hoped to build in WoodstockNew York. Unpersuaded by this Studio-in-the-Woods proposal, Roberts and Rosenman counter-proposed a concert featuring the kind of artists known to frequent the Woodstock area such as Bob Dylan and The Band.

Kornfeld and Lang agreed to the new plan, and Woodstock Ventures was formed in January Burt Cohen, and his design group, Curtain Call Productions, oversaw the psychedelic transformation of the office. From the start, there were differences in approach among the four: Roberts was disciplined and knew what was needed for the venture to succeed, while the laid-back Lang saw Woodstock as a new, "relaxed" way of bringing entrepreneurs together.

Similar differences about financial discipline made Roberts and Rosenman wonder whether to pull the plug or to continue pumping money into the project. Creedence drummer Doug Clifford later commented, "Once Creedence signed, everyone else jumped in line and all the other big acts came on.

Woodstock was designed as a profit-making venture. It became a "free concert" only after the event drew hundreds of thousands more people than the organizers had prepared for. Aroundadvance tickets were sold, and the organizers anticipated approximatelyfestival-goers would turn up.

The original venue plan was for the festival to take place in Wallkill, New Yorkpossibly near the proposed recording studio site owned by Alexander Tapooz. After local residents quickly shot down that idea, Lang and Kornfeld thought they had found another possible location in Saugerties, New York. But they had misunderstood, as the landowner's attorney made clear, in a brief meeting with Roberts and Rosenman.

Town residents immediately opposed the project. In early July, the Town Board passed a law requiring a permit for any gathering over 5, people. On July 15,the Wallkill Zoning Board of Appeals officially banned the concert on the basis that the planned portable toilets would not meet town code.

He claims to have introduced the promoters to dairy farmer Max Yasgur. Sam YasgurMax's son, agrees with Lang's account. The stage would be set up at the bottom of the hill with Filippini Pond forming a backdrop. The pond would become a popular skinny dipping destination. Despite resident opposition and signs proclaiming, "Buy No Milk.

Nonetheless, the Bethel Town Board refused to issue the permits formally.


The late change in venue did not give the festival organizers enough time to prepare.Why don't fictional characters say "goodbye" when they hang up a phone?

All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. How many people died at the Woodstock festival in ? Wiki User Two people died and two people were born in There were only 2 deaths at the Woodstock festival in One person was killed accidentally and there was one believed to be heroin overdose.

Attendees and organizers present on scene removed the bodies, eventually Sullivan County's officers responded. Three people died at the Woodstock of One from a heroin overdose, one from being ran over by a tractor, and one from falling off scaffolding. Asked in Woodstock How many people died at Woodstock 69? There is no information that anyone died at Woodstock in More thanpeople were there to listen to the bands that played for 4 days. It was an event that will never be forgotten.

It was have very awkward for everybody at Woodstock, she had be dead for 7 years already. Marilyn Monroe was only 36 years old when she died on August 5, Asked in Woodstock What were the Names of people who died at Woodstock at ? Richad Bieler was one of the persons who was run over ny a tractor. He was from Holbrook, NY. Asked in Demographics How many people died at Woodstock ?

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